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Watch this space for all our updates.

August 1, 2014Delivery to our warehouse Tuesday cable repairman times 9-3 - we will ship all we can Tuesday, August 5 with the remaining units going Wednesday August 6. Any additional units available for sale from this production run will be placed online late Tuesday evening or early Wednesday.

August 1, 2014We sold out of pre-order Tempest OCs this morning.  However, that does not mean we are "out of stock".  We only offer a percentage of every production run during pre-orders to ensure only high quality units are available (shipping damage can lower numbers received.) Watch out later next week for additional units available for sale.

July 31, 2014: Shipments are scheduled to go out for all pre-orders on Wednesday, August 6.  This production run is almost sold out - thank you to all that have been very patient with the delays.  Tempest goodness will be with you all very soon!

July 18, 2014: All pre-orders will receive, while supplies last, pixel perfect units.  Note this is not a warranty of no pixel anomalies during the monitor's warranty period, but rather monitors that are perfect during our bench testing.

July 17, 2014:  Great review of the Tempest OC on Tom's Hardware!  Thanks for all the time and effort Christian Eberle (our new favorite tech writer on the planet - yes we play favorites.)  Read the review today!